2 comments on “A Word Edgewise: “Hold to Skip”

  1. Great post! I agree that Dishonored has some amazing themes worth mining. Personally, I wasn’t sold on the story — just in terms of the character’s journey, or personal story — but the overall atmosphere and the politics of Dunwall’s society were incredible. And as a big fan of stories in video games, I dislike most “skip dialogue” mechanics!

    That being said, I do understand gamers who are tired of overindulgent cutscenes, which seem to plague modern video games more and more each year as games become more cinematic, etc. I mean, video games are all about interactivity; otherwise, why not just watch a movie?

    But instead of a skip dialogue mechanic, I think there should be more games without cutscenes. And really, there are still lots of them… they’re just not RPGs. Cutscenes are an integral part of RPGs — they’re part of the bargain if that’s what you’re playing — because RPGs are very much about world-building and story, in my opinion. I suppose a skip dialogue mechanic could be handy for second playthroughs… but I think that’s where I draw the line. =)

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