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Mouths Package

If you haven’t tried Mouth Foods, you’re missing out on rare, hard-to-find goodies. We’ve mentioned this one-in-a-million gem before, when they were known as New York Mouth. Not much has changed besides the name. The company still ships high-quality, small-batch foods straight to your door. Now, Mouth Foods doesn’t just ship foods from New York but from all over the country, widening the range of crafted food available through their beautiful site. Perusing the Mouth Foods site, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the cool stuff on display. Try to remain calm. If  it helps, we highly recommend the bourbon-smoked sugar, truffle salami, and banana jam, but our favorite things to order are sinful treats.

When we get a package from Mouth Foods, it’s better than Christmas. We’re always blown away by their extraordinary attention to detail. Every piece of food is individually wrapped and carefully cushioned to make sure it survives shipping. If you think the food looks great on the site, it looks even better in person. What’s more, Mouth includes a free canvas tote, a handwritten thank-you note, and a free piece of chocolate to sweeten the deal. Plus, if your total order amounts to $50 or more, shipping is free. In our latest order, we couldn’t help but go all out.

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Although they may be everybody’s favorite sociopaths, Claire and Frank Underwood have the best romantic relationship I’ve ever seen on television. Other Western television shows and stories often depict the same relationship stereotypes ad nauseum, rather than showing  the reality of an everyday healthy relationship, let alone one that’s some 30 years old.  So, buckle in for a discussion. In case you haven’t figured, there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the show, stop reading and start watching House of Cards.

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