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Geek Appetite serves up geeky treats and good eats. It’s the brainchild of Ashley Walton, originating from her blog AshleyGeekGirl in 2009. When she’s not writing, Ashley loves visiting comic book stores, watching Gordon Ramsay videos and mimicking his every move, playing video games in the dark, attending the geek mecca Comic-Con, finding knock-your-socks-off restaurants, and collecting Blu-rays and pop-culture art. Occasionally, she also takes pleasure in arguing with a film critic or ranting about what’s wrong with the world. At the end of the day, she hopes to save the internet from bad taste.

Currently, Ashley is VP of Content and Creative at an awesome marketing company, an editor at False Positive, and a self-proclaimed horror aficionado. She inhabits a condo in Salt Lake City with wall-to-wall books and action figures—and plenty of memento mori.

Contact: geekappetite@gmail.com

Ashley’s Other Work:



The Gothic Tradition in Supernatural: Essays on the Television Series

Channeling Wonder: Fairy Tales on Television

Power by Possession: Cuban-American Types and Collecting in The Agüero Sisters

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