Christmas Geekery

Ashley Walton —  December 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

We don’t swoon over Christmas the way we do for Halloween, but we’ve picked up some pretty cool decorations that are slowly melting my ice-cold heart. Here are some things we’ve obtained in the interest of holiday cheer:

1. Popcorn Ornament. Hallmark. $7.95.

popcorn ornament

It says, “I like you more than movie popcorn with butter!” That says a lot, really.

2. Geeky Wrapping Paper. ThinkGeek. $3.99–$5.99.


We’ve made it a small tradition to get our wrapping paper exclusively from ThinkGeek (except for the one with Justin Bieber’s face plastered on it that we got from Target– no joke). This year we stocked up on the Holiday Zombies and Christmas Bots, but the Non-denominational paper is also a winner. We also got some bacon wrapping paper, because BACON. Link here.

3. Cthulhu Tree Topper. Etsy. $120.

cthulhu tree topper

Okay, we haven’t actually saved up our pennies for this one, but it’s definitely on our wishlist. After having a big discussion about what should go at the top of our tree this year, we decided on nothing, but in years to come, only Cthulhu could fill that void. Link here.

4. Unoffensive Seasonal Cards. Etsy. $13 for 6.

happy whatever doesn't offend you

Share the joy. Link here.

5. Han Solo to the Rescue Ornament. Hallmark. $32.95.


We had to splurge on this one. It has two of our favorite things: Han and a tauntaun. Plus, it’s magic. That means if you press a button, you can hear Han’s sweet, sweet voice. Link here.

Any other good tips? Let us know. We’ve pretty much cleaned out ThinkGeek (which has tons of holiday geekery) and Target (which features some Star Wars ornaments this year).

Ashley Walton


Ashley has 15 years of experience in content, she has led teams of 80+ content creators, and she has taught numerous university courses on media. She's the founder of Content Maven, and at the end of the day, she hopes to make the world a better place, one piece of content at a time.

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