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spiderman thinks about cash

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Sony finally decided to split custody of Spider-Man, and it looks like he’ll be visiting mom on some very important weekends in the future. After a few personal conversations, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people are pretty excited. I feel that.

A few people are worried, though. Or maybe tired is a better word. News of another “Spider-Man reboot” induces cringing for these peeps, and this is my response to them. There are certain detractors that I’m not going to convince, and to those people I say that perhaps the next decade of big-budget movies should be something that they avoid, because franchising and multi-part plots aren’t going away. That’s great news, though!

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I recently picked up Dishonored for my PS3, and I highly recommend it. After discussing it with a friend, however, I absolutely have to talk about something that I feel is overlooked: the skip all story option. Every time a player interacts with a character outside of combat, they have the option to skip it entirely. I’m not going to try and read meaning into every single game I play, but this story is dripping with meaning.

He looks neighborly.

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A Word Edgewise: The Bat

Jeff Nay —  October 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

Hey readers! I’m going to be posting editorial-type articles here (under this tentative title) discussing certain issues that I feel pertain to the “geek community” (whatever that means anymore). Basically, I’ll be using this space to root for the dogs I’ve got in various fights. Hope you enjoy.

The dust has finally settled (in my mind, anyway) after the epic summer-blockbuster duel between Marvel’s The Avengers and D.C.’s The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve been ruminating on the aftermath for some time (obviously), and though my two cents are probably a late payment by now, I can’t help but explain the reasons for my loyalty to what will surely go down in history as a second-fiddle act to Joss Whedon’s kickass big-time (Serenity notwithstanding) Hollywood debut.

I’m not here to argue with you about which was the better movie; I had one hell of a lot more fun watching The Avengers, and that one is always going to be this year’s ultimate winner.

You know you love it.

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