Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas

Ashley Walton —  December 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

This holiday season, show some love for the geeks in your life with a personal gift that says, “Hey, I get you.” The Internet is a magical place with an abundance of geeky gifts for gamers, gear-heads, and comic book aficionados. We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you some of the best geeky gift ideas in one place:

For Gamers

Whether you look on Etsy for a Triforce necklace or Think Geek for Portal 2 bookends, there are so many great gifts for gamers.

tri force(Triforce necklace- $15)

portal_bookends_main(Portal 2 bookends- $29.99)

Check out this soap shaped like Nintendo game cartridges.

640(soap- $21)

You can also rarely go wrong with replicas from games, such as a skyhook from Bioshock Infinite…

skyhook-201-610(skyhook- $79.99)

…or a Half-Life 2 gravity gun.

NC45059lg(gravity gun- $149.99)

If your gamer seems to have it all, get a new gaming system called Ouya that goes for a cool $99.

ouya(Ouya- $99)

For Foodies 

For the friend with a sweet tooth, check out the geeky chocolates at The Truffle Cottage—you’ll find chocolate Millennium Falcon, Death Star, Batman and Superman logos, and zombie body parts.

img_0915-683x1024(Death Star chocolate- $10)

You can also get insanely cool foodie gifts at with unique items such as bacon cinnamon rolls, caramel apple jam, bourbon smoked sugar, cocktail mixers, and about a million other items.

sugartop-1200-wide_grande(bourbon smoked sugar- $13)

If you’re not sure you can pinpoint your foodie’s taste, go for the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, stocked with travel-size portions of herbs and seasonings.

survival1(foodie survival kit- $26)

For Builders

A great stocking stuffer is a keychain multitool that anyone can use to tear through packaging, open bottles, or cut wire in a snap.

e25b_keyring_multi_tool(multitool keychain- $7.99)

For the more hardcore builder, get a DIY toy kit for making cardboard robots or vehicles.

url(DIY carboard toy- $25)

Or splurge for a robot kit—everything from robot arms to rover vehicles are available.

owi-3-1-atr-all-terrain-robot-kit(all-terrain robot kit- $44.95)

For Drinkers

Geeky coffee cups and drinking glasses abound. Just peruse Think Geek to find a beaker mug

96c6_beaker_mug(laboratory mug- $9.99)

…or a zombie mug.

f084_ceramic_zombie_mug(zombie mug- $7.79)

You can also easily find cool sets of drinking glasses on Amazon with Marvel characters

61+uciW5EnL._SX425_(Marvel glasses- $18.67)

 …or Star Wars favorites.

61+4dej6KqL._SL1500_(Star Wars glasses- $16)

For friends who imbibe, whiskey stones are never a bad idea.

18392_zoom1(whiskey stones- $20)

You can even pair them with a bottle of Ron Burgandy’s new scotch called, “Great Odin’s Raven.”

ronburgscotch705(Great Odin’s Raven- $25)

If you have geeky gift ideas, let us know! We’re always on the lookout. Happy holidays!

Ashley Walton


Tarantino fanatic. Grammar snob. Tetris Master.

2 responses to Geeky Christmas Gift Ideas


    I’m SO glad to know that Ron Burgundy scotch is a thing that exists! Love the guide. 😉

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